Tanzania bans plastic bags

Community and conservation efforts in Tanzania have resulted in a push towards combatting the plague of plastic bags that has blighted the wildlife and environment in cities, towns and villages across Tanzania in recent years. The government has banned all plastic bags, this should go a long way to improving the appearance of Tanzania, as well as getting locals and tourists to think of the environment and reconsider littering and single use plastic!

What does this mean for your safari?

This ban has only just come into force so there is some uncertainty about exactly how it will roll out but here are some important things to be aware of.

  • Don't bring any plastic bags with you into Tanzania. Plastic bags that you put your dirty washing in or plastic bags you put your trainers in, don't bring any at all.
  • It appears that the zip lock bags for your toiletries in your hand luggage will be allowed. These will go in the trays with your laptop, phone and so on when you go through security on arrival. You must take these with again when you leave.
  • If you have bought something in duty free on the way to Tanzania, remember to get rid of the plastic bag on the plane before you arrive.
  • Don't accept or use any plastic bags while in Tanzania. Don't try to leave with any to international destinations or neighbouring countries like Kenya and Rwanda that also have plastic bans.

As the African safari season gets into full swing in June we are sure this new ban will roll out relatively smoothly for tourists. However, it's wise to expect that an overzealous official or two might create some trouble with searches or on the spot fines. So we strongly recommend that our guests do not bring any plastic bags whatsoever into, or out of, the country.

If you have any questions or want some top tips for your safari adventure, get in touch with Kusini Safaris!

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