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Walking Safari

If you want to get out of the vehicle and feel the ground beneath your feet, then a walking safari is for you. This might be a morning walk to break the routine of a game drive safari. Or you might like to make walking the primary means of transport, walking for several days between bush camps or indeed trekking to see chimpanzees and gorillas.

Walking safaris offer a completely unique perspective and are entirely different to a game drive. Being out in the bush, on foot, really allows you to immerse yourself in your surroundings and enriches all the senses; a feeling that cannot be replicated from a vehicle.  

Being able to encounter wildlife on their own ground on their terms is a truly humbling experience. Coming up close to a wild elephant on foot is truly an experience you will never forget. 

A walking safari is a completely different perspective on experiencing the African bush. You will be accompanied by seasoned professionals and appropriately equipped to ensure your safety is the priority. This also means however that you will be able to identify tracks, and interesting natural elements and explore in more depth than you can from any vehicle. 

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