Private Guiding

Whether you want to go on safari with a group of friends, with your family, or you have been on safari many times and you want something more; a private guide is an essential compliment to your safari. Perhaps you are keen wildlife photographers looking for that insider knowledge. Looking to get off the beaten track? A genuine conservation and community experience? 

A privately guided safari is designed and led by the same person. Your guide will tailor make your safari to perfectly suit your expectations, and then be there with you every step of the way. Your private guide will make sure everything runs smoothly and take your safari experience to the next level. We use private vehicles, private camps and charter flights to ensure absolute flexibility and exclusivity. We have a network of private guides, select camps and specialised operators to execute very special safaris in Tanzania and across Africa. 

These journeys will go well beyond a typical safari.



What they said


Paul made this trip perfect! He's an amazing guide - hilarious, yet professional and knowledgeable!
I couldn't be more pleased with the trip. Paul handled everything and made sure everyone was comfortable, engaged, and getting from the experience what they'd hoped for. The teams Paul assembled for us on the ground were stellar (from the drivers to the lodge staff) and at no point did we ever feel that we needed something we didn't have. It's a massive benefit having someone who is both a native English and Swahili speaker.
Being on a safari can be draining or just generally a lot - driving in the car all day in the sun/rain, but Paul made sure everyone was comfortable at all times, prepared for any conditions, and scheduled everything perfectly (we never went too long without a nice meal, a rest stop, or a break). As for the sightings themselves, we had an amazing time. We saw everything from Leopard and Cheetah cubs to mating lions. Paul knows how to be patient, which many other guide companies seemed to disregard - we watched a cheetah hunt a gazelle after waiting for about 10 minutes, at which point 3 other tour companies had come and gone. 
The bottom line for me is this: Paul will always be my top choice for a safari. If he is available, it is a mistake to choose anyone else. 

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Trip of a lifetime
My parents, my family (of 6), and my sister's family (of 4), spent two incredible weeks with Paul in southern Tanzania (Selous and Ruaha) in June 2018. It was all of our first safari experience and it blew away every expectation I had - it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Paul's organization of the trip his knowledge of the country, the animals, the camps, the guides, the people and his passion for all of the above made this an experience that we'll never forget. If you have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania, do it with Paul, you will not regret it.

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Totally Amazing and Fun Holiday, Thanks to Paul!
Paul's assistance was invaluable in planning what turned out to be a perfect safari and beach vacation in Tanzania. He looked after all the details, and the result was a seamless, worry-free, fun and perfect holiday. Our Tanzanian safari and beach vacation vastly surpassed our expectations, and much of the credit for that, belongs to Paul. Minute by minute (literally) we saw animals and birds that were gorgeous, stunning, surprising and beautiful. We never had to travel any distance to see the next animal or bird. We saw 40 different mammal species, more than 110 bird species (and still counting), lizards and butterflies (haven't had a moment to count these yet). We haven't stopped talking about our Tanzanian adventure since we returned home. We went to Ras Kutana, Ngare Sero, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Ndutu, Serengeti and Pemba Island. Paul arranged everything on EXTREMELY short notice, and never seemed to break a sweat doing it. He was a fun and charming companion, even if we insisted on utilizing every possible minute to view more and more animals and birds! Paul's knowledge about the many animals and birds we saw, was the perfect addition to our holiday. Thank you Paul for an unforgettable holiday! Words cannot do justice to describe the fun we had. 

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