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A selection of images from our safaris; the places, the people, the wildlife.

About us

Kusini Safaris is owned and run by Paul Tickner. Paul first visited Tanzania to work on an elephant project in the local communities around Ruaha National Park.

Conservation & Community

Discover more about the conservation and community efforts Kusini Safari takes and our ethical approach to conducting safaris in Africa.


Do you have questions about your next safari adventure? Read our FAQs for helpful tips on making the most out of your trip with Kusini Safaris.

Selous, Ruaha & Mafia Island Safari

Looking for beautiful scenery, wildlife and relaxation on a private island? Who isn't! See how our Selous, Ruaha & Mafia Island safari makes this a reality.

North & South Tanzania Safari

For a full view of almost everything the beautiful country of Tanzania has to offer, choose to combine a trip to the north and south in one luxury safari.

Northern Circuit Tanzania Safari

Follow the well trodden path of a Northern Circuit Tanzania Safari - one of the most popular in the whole of Africa! The Serengeti awaits you.

Western Tanzania Safari

Do you have a strong sense of adventure? If so, our South West Tanzania Safari will be a good fit for you! Discover the hidden secrets of Katavi National Park.

Serengeti Safari & Chimpanzees

Enjoy Tanzania's most famous export, the Serengeti, along with perhaps its best kept secret; the chimpanzees of Mahale.