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Photographic Safari

When you go on safari, you’re undoubtedly going to be taking a lot of pictures. You'll want to come back with phones, memory cards and hard drives full of incredible images and videos as memories and to show your friends and family. Throughout your safari experience, we will put you in the very best position to capture some incredible images with game drives with the best guides in the best locations for wildlife photography and stunning scenery for plenty of photographic opportunities. Specially adapted open and closed vehicles are used for game drives too. We will find you that leopard posing perfectly in the evening golden light hour. We will get you on the river bank as thousands of wildebeest hurl themselves into the river below capturing enviable shots from your African safari.

Are you a photographic group looking for a serious photographic safari? Do you need private vehicles to spend all day waiting for that perfect shot? 360° swivel seats, low-angle open vehicles, drone access, pro-photographers, skills and editing coaching. Do you have a particular project in mind? Whatever you may have in mind, we can create your perfect trip. With our own photographic skills and the knowledge to predict animal behaviours, we're confident we can provide you with a deeply immersive experience. 

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Northern Circuit Tanzania Safari

Follow the well trodden path of a Northern Circuit Tanzania Safari - one of the most popular in the whole of Africa! The Serengeti awaits you.

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