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Edge of the Map Safari

If you really want to get off the beaten track, we can help. Whether this is in terms of avoiding the crowds, feeling like you’re really out there, or reaching places few people have heard of let alone go to. Rainforests of Congo and Central African Republic, mobile camping through backcountry Ruaha, camel trekking Northern Kenya. Think outside the box. We can organise safaris wherever you want to go, and the places you never knew existed allowing you the opportunity to experience the true wilderness of Africa and discover its hidden treasures. 

One of the benefits of an off-the-beaten-track or edge-of-the-map safari is you can see wildlife that often, is less accustomed to humans. Observe animals in their natural habitat without human interference and maybe even spot some endangered species that are hard to spot in more tourist-heavy areas. You can also truly disconnect from the modern world and immerse yourself in nature. 

For many travellers, Africa can seem like one stereotypical bucket list safari destination however, this vast continent has a breadth of experiences to offer. The advantage of taking the road less travelled is that you have the opportunity to explore places with a lot fewer people and see areas undisturbed. Those who are willing to venture off the beaten path will treasure the extraordinary results.

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