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The Republic of the Congo's dense rainforests and expansive river systems present an intimate and thrilling safari experience. From trekking with the mighty mountain gorillas to cruising the winding rivers, each moment in the Republic of the Congo is a step into the unknown.

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A Journey into the Congo: The Kusini Safaris Experience

The Republic of the Congo is a unique African safari destination renowned for its expansive and pristine wilderness due to its dense vegetation. Exploring this biodiverse haven offers unparalleled wildlife encounters found nowhere else on the continent. Moreover, the country's dedication to conservation and sustainable tourism guarantees that every visit contributes to safeguarding these majestic landscapes and their precious inhabitants.

Sustainable tourism in Congo focuses on minimising environmental impact, and Kusini Safaris supports conservation efforts with every safari using the Kusini Fund. There are many eco-friendly lodges and tours which adopt sustainable practices, such as waste reduction and energy efficiency, which are increasingly common. By choosing the Republic of the Congo for your safari, you support initiatives that protect endangered species and their habitats, and sustainable tourism practices ensure that your visit has a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

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The Republic of the Congo is a beacon of wilderness and biodiversity in Africa.

Offering a unique safari experience distinct from the more traditional savannah-focused safaris found elsewhere. This region has expansive and largely unspoiled landscapes, ranging from dense rainforests and vast wetlands to towering mountains and active volcanoes. Such varied ecosystems provide a sanctuary for a wealth of unusual wildlife, including some of Africa's most endangered and unique species. The Republic of the Congo's biodiversity is staggering. 

A safari in the Republic of the Congo also offers the unique opportunity to engage with local cultures. Community tourism initiatives provide insight into the traditions and ways of life of the country's diverse ethnic groups, adding a rich cultural dimension to your adventure.

Discover a Variety of Safari Experiences in Congo

The Republic of the Congo offers a range of safari experiences, from adrenaline-pumping gorilla treks to serene river expeditions. Whether you're a seasoned safari-goer or a first-time adventurer, the Republic of the Congo has something to offer.

Gorilla Trekking Expeditions

Gorilla trekking is the crown jewel of Congo safaris. Coming face-to-face with these gentle giants in their natural habitat is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who undertake it. The Republic of the Congo is renowned for safaris that include tracking western lowland gorillas, particularly in Odzala-Kokoua National Park.

Jungle Safaris and River Expeditions

Explore Congo's vast landscapes through jungle safaris and river expeditions. These adventures with Kusini Safaris offer a unique perspective on the country's wildlife and scenic beauty.

Birdwatching and Primate Trekking

Bird enthusiasts and primate lovers will find their paradise in Congo. The country's diverse ecosystems are home to spectacular bird species and numerous primates, making for unforgettable tracking experiences.

Top Safari Destinations in the Republic of the Congo

Odzala-Kokoua National Park: Lowland Gorillas and Dense Rainforests

Odzala-Kokoua is the world's second-biggest rainforest, The Congo Basin and is a sanctuary for lowland gorillas and a myriad of other wildlife. The park's dense rainforests and clearings provide the perfect setting for intimate wildlife encounters and birdwatching.

Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park: Pristine Wilderness and Rare Species

For those seeking untouched wilderness, Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park is a must-visit. This remote park is home to forest elephants, bongos, and a variety of primates, offering a true adventure into the unknown.

Best Time to Go on a Safari in The Republic of the Congo

In the Congo Basin, the climate is generally equatorial, meaning interchanging between two main seasons, the dry season and the wet season. Both seasons offer advantages and unique experiences; the dry season is typically recommended for first-time visitors due to better wildlife viewing opportunities and easier travel conditions, while the wet season appeals to those interested in photography, bird watching, and experiencing the rainforest's vibrant life.

Dry Season

(May to September)

  • Optimal for wildlife safaris as animals are more accessible to spot near water sources. The weather is more pleasant for tourists, with less rainfall and humidity, making it the best time for trekking lowland gorillas.
  • With the drier landscapes and ease of navigation comes the opportunity to experience the wildlife, the endangered gorillas, elephants and various birds.

Wet Season

(October to April)

  • Take advantage of the landscapes as they turn luscious and green, offering beautiful scenery. It's the best time for bird watching, with migratory birds arriving during this time, including swallows, swifts, and bee-eaters, and for seeing newborn animals, including the baby forest elephants.
  • This season is ideal for enthusiasts interested in the rich plant life, bird species, and the dramatic waterfalls and rivers at their peak.

Ngaga Camp

The Congo Conservation Company (CCC) takes an innovative approach to pioneering eco-tourism in the Congo Basin.

Lango Camp

Remote areas in Africa are under threat and need to be commercially viable in order to be protected

Sangha Lodge

This is arguably one of Africa’s most remote destinations.

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Luxury Lodges and Eco-Camps

Congo's luxury lodges and eco-camps offer the perfect blend of luxury and nature for those seeking comfort amidst the wilderness. These accommodations are designed to provide an immersive safari experience without compromising on comfort.

Lango Lodge

Lango Baï is a natural clearing in the forest that's simply captivating. It has large deposits of minerals and is a popular spot for huge flocks of African green pigeons and African grey parrots, as well as for herds of forest buffalo during the day and forest elephants who visit during the night. For bird watchers, it's an excellent location to observe forest birds. Interestingly, these birds are not particularly wary of humans walking 3-4 meters above ground level.

Ngaga Lodge

Kamba African Rainforest Experiences offer an exciting opportunity for travellers to witness the natural beauty of the western lowland gorillas, forest elephants, bongos, and other species. The journey involves visiting three different lodges - Ngaga Lodge, Lango Camp and Mboko Camp - for 7, 10 or 11 nights. It is important to support eco-tourism in remote areas of Africa to ensure their preservation. Kamba African Rainforest Experiences (formerly known as Congo Conservation Company/CCC) aims to protect the Odzala-Kokoua National Park and Noubale-Ndoki National Park by promoting conservation through tourism. The company believes that tourism can become a valuable tool to protect these areas, and thus, plays an essential role as a conservation actor.

Adventure Activities in Congo Beyond Wildlife

Every activity you have in the beauty of this country will stay with you for a lifetime, whether you visit for educational and conservation efforts or as a thrilling honeymoon destination. A safari in the Republic of the Congo caters to adventurers seeking physical challenges and cultural enrichment.

Whitewater Rafting on the Congo River

Whitewater rafting on the Congo River provides an exhilarating experience, navigating through some of the world's most challenging rapids set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes. The Congo River, known for its powerful currents and voluminous flow, offers a unique adventure for thrill-seekers. You might even spot animals like crocodiles basking on the riverbanks or monkeys swinging through the trees.

Participants can expect to tackle intense whitewater sections, offering a mix of adrenaline-pumping action and moments to appreciate the river's natural beauty, and see impressive rock formations, cliffs, or unique geological features exposed by the water's force. This activity appeals to those seeking an adventurous way to connect with the raw power and scenic vistas of one of Africa's greatest rivers.

Cultural Visits to Local Communities

If you're looking to experience the Republic of the Congo's diverse cultural landscape, then visiting local communities is a fantastic way to do so. You'll get to immerse yourself in the daily lives, traditions, and practices of indigenous peoples and even participate in cultural rituals! Not only will this enrich your understanding of the country's cultural heritage, but it also supports the local economy and promotes cultural preservation. So, why not take a break from the natural wonders and give yourself a chance to connect with the Congolese people and their way of life?

Who is a Safari in The Republic of the Congo for?

A safari in the Congo is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for those seeking unique and immersive experiences beyond typical wildlife viewings. This journey is perfect for those interested in exploring dense rainforests, navigating powerful rivers, and engaging with local cultures. The Republic of the Congo is a must-visit destination for anyone eager to explore one of the most biodiverse and less-travelled places on the planet. Witnessing endangered species and pristine landscapes offers an unparalleled opportunity, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.