Top 5 things not to worry about when planning a safari

There’s some things that you really need to take seriously when planning and going on your safari. But there are certainly some things that tend to get worried about too much. 

1. The Weather. Of course you need to pay attention to what the conditions are likely to be when you’re planning where and when to go. Without wishing to get pedantic, this is more a question of climate. Things are becoming ever more unpredictable and extreme with climate change. It will probably be colder than you think and we can’t guarantee it won’t rain. Occasionally, you might wake up and the river has come up rather close to your room. It could get really windy at the beach. There might be a belter of a storm and all the animals mysteriously vanish overnight. So, come prepared.

2. Bugs. There is a perception that it will be absolutely crawling with bugs everywhere. It won’t be. Unless it’s early in the rainy season and you are sat under a light bulb at night, then you can have plenty bugs. Otherwise most are genuinely surprised and even disappointed how few insects they see. We’ll go hunting for some if you like. No need to choke everyone with deet and cover every square inch of your body in protective clothing. There are bugs that should be avoided, and we’ll show you those ones. 

3. Creature Comforts. In terms of luxury and amenities, safari camps have come a long way. It wasn’t long ago that in a lot of places, rustic was the only option and ‘rustic’ was generous. Nowadays, unless you specify otherwise, on a mobile walking safari perhaps, you will have a sit down toilet, you will have a hot shower, you will have a cold beer, there will be WiFi somewhere in the camp. You will be stunned at the standard of food served out of a tiny kitchen miles and miles from anywhere. There is a section of the industry that is now really opulent and over the top, but we don’t go there. 

4. What to Wear. The general tendency here is to feel a need to buy a bunch of expensive outdoor clothes for your safari. We won’t stop you from doing this, it’s all part of the fun for some. However, chances are you already own most of what you’ll need. Stuff in the shops isn’t designed for the African bush and you don’t want to look the same as everyone else do you? Stick to these few points and you’ll be fine. Bring some warm clothes, bring something if it rains, bring neutral coloured comfortable clothes for safari activities. It will be hot and dusty. Bring a hat. Some longs for the evenings, the latest in safari chic, and don’t forget your swim suit. 

5. Getting stranded. When you book a safari with us we look after you from start to finish. that means while you’re out on safari too. So you will be met at the airport. We can even help you through the airport if you like. We’ll make sure you get on the right bush plane and that all your transfers are on time. If something’s not quite right, speak to us and we’ll sort it out. We’ll hold your hand just as much or as little as you like. Our partners are the best in the business and take pride in making sure everything is just right. That includes if we need to postpone or change a safari for any reason, that’s the difference to booking independently. 


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