When To Go On Safari?

We have touched on when to go on safari in several of our blogs and it must always be a central part of planning any trip. You need to think about the weather, when you can get time off work, if your favourite animal is going to be around, and any number of other factors related to timing. 

Perhaps you’ve already been on safari in the dry season, so you would like to take advantage of some lower prices and experience the green season in February. But maybe the children can only get out of school in August. It can be tricky to decide, we’re here to help you weigh up your options.  

Here is a simple safari calendar to explain in game viewing and price terms, how the time of year can affect your Tanzania safari.

January - March

The green or rainy season. Landscapes are lush and verdant, a world away from the dry season. Game viewing can be a little more tricky, but no less rewarding. Wonderful birds on full display. 

Low season, substantially lower prices. 

April & May

Many camps are closed at this time of year. It can be pretty wet. But the animals are still there, a little more location specific knowledge is required. 

Low season, lower prices. 


The start of the safari season. The country is drying out and it’s the coolest time of year. Many areas are still green from the rain. Game viewing starts to pick up.

Shoulder season, lower prices.

July - October

This is the peak season in terms of visitor numbers, coinciding with the summer holidays Europe and America. It’s also the dry season, with game viewing getting steadily better. Late July and August is wildebeest migration and river crossing time in the Serengeti. 

High season, higher prices.

November & December

The rains start to roll in. New green growth brings a freshness to dry landscapes. Animals start to disperse over larger areas. 

Shoulder season, lower prices.

Christmas and New Year

It can be wet or in some years the rain hasn’t really got going. A popular time for family safaris. 

High season, higher prices. 


This timetable is very general. For more specific information, make sure to contact us.

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