Beagle Expeditions

There is no better way to experience a true African Safari than in the comfort and privacy of your own exclusive mobile safari camp. A journey through the wilderness with the intimacy and flexibility of your own camp, guide, safari vehicle and staff compliment.

This unique Beagle Expedition is designed to explore one of Botswana’s last remaining remote wilderness areas, venturing into a region unexplored by most and providing their guests with a once in a lifetime experience of a completely different pace and tempo, one where our modern time constraints have no place.

The fundamental concept of each expedition is experience: from sleeping on the ground in grand comfort and watching Africa pass by while you attend to your ablutions, to pausing to celebrate each sunrise and sunset with a suitable drink in hand, to a complete emulsion into one of Africa’s last fully functional ecosystems on foot, on mokoro, in a helicopter and in custom built game drive vehicles.

Driven by the urge to get off the beaten track and explore some of Botswana’s lesser know gems, they designed a lightweight expedition style camp that does not compromise a few essentials of an exceptional safari: fabulously healthy and fresh food, ice for the perfect gin & tonic, a super comfy bedroll and hot water for a refreshing bucket shower. It will, however, bring you closer to nature and possibly even at eye level with a hyena!!

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Special Interests:

Star Gazing
Bird Watching

Kweene Trails is the only Trail of its kind in the Okavango, the most exclusive experience Botswana has to offer, with private access to a truly wild and pristine area in the Abu Private Reserve. Come and be wild, Kweene Trails.

The Kweene Trails explores a wild and spectacular corner of the Okavango Delta! This exclusive area lies on a stretch of the Kweene River system adjacent to the Sandveld tongue in the Western Okavango Delta. What makes it most special for us is its remoteness, accessible only to Beagle guests, and only by helicopter.

Your journey starts along the Southern section of the Kweene River in the occasional swamp habitat at the Kweene River Camp, this area has a much more arid feel to the landscape. However, as the floodplains are inundated with water less frequently than that of the seasonal swamp, the grass species that dominate the floodplains are much more palatable and thus productive, supporting large herds of grazers and the predators that follow.

Next, your journey moves further North up the Kweene River system to Magwegwe camp, which is situated in the seasonal swamp habitat; here, the river receives water - normally - on a yearly basis with the inundation cycle of the annual Okavango flood dynamic. This section of the river is an exposé of exceptional Okavango Delta scenery and its wildlife; endless floodplains with well-wooded islands dotting the plains and all year round surface water drawing in an abundance of wildlife.

We have sensitively developed a limited game drive network in order to preserve the wild and untouched beauty of this remarkable landscape, without compromising on our ability to explore the dry land habitat adjacent to the Kweene River floodplains by vehicle and experience the excitement of observing wildlife from a game drive vehicle.

Because walking through pristine wilderness that has no sign of a human footprint remains one of Kweene’s key ingredients, a vast portion of the area has been left untouched, inaccessible to any motorized transport. Here, the safari experience of old is revived: walking through wildest Africa.

Activities include: Game drives, walking in unrivalled pristine walking country and mokoro excursions when water levels permit.

On your moving day you cover the distance between the two camps either by foot or mokoro or a combination of the two, or by vehicle if preferred. This is a full day out in the wilderness, while the back up team moves the camp and sets up for your afternoon arrival in the new camp.