Chula Island Camp

Founded in 2019, Chula Island Camp is located on Katengahumba Island, separated from the mainland by the famed canoeing area, the ‘Discovery’ channel. This secretive and private Island gives unparalleled views over the Zambezi River. The wilderness experience and wildlife viewing are second to none.


Chula Island Camp
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Chula Island Camp

Special Interests:

Bird Watching
Star Gazing

The magnificent Chula Island Camp is a tented camp with every luxury imaginable, yet it still has the spirit and philosophy of a real seasonal bush-camp. Each of the camp's five guest tents, can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests at once, is strategically placed to provide the greatest possible views of the Zambezi River. 

This, together with the range of safari activities available and the park's beauty, combine to create a really amazing wildlife display. As the dry season begins, big herds of buffalo and impala are also present on the valley bottom, along with high concentrations of elephant. All of the expected big predators are present, with lion, leopard, and wild dog populations being particularly well-represented. A nighttime safari looking for honey badger and aardvark should help you forget about our long-necked buddies, however the giraffe may be the one noteworthy absentee.



  • Owner-run camp
  • Bush camp
  • Highly trained guides
  • Range of activities