Namiri Plains

With your closest neighbour over an hour’s drive away, you’d be excused for feeling as though you have the eastern Serengeti all to yourself. Namiri Plains’ upgraded design maximises views of the seasonal riverbed in front of camp. There are 10 spacious rooms with full-length decks, providing the perfect setting to view wildlife from your room or from the outdoor bath on the deck. This secluded region of the eastern Serengeti is the ultimate big cat territory. A few months a year the Great Migration herds fill the plains close to camp on their way to begin calving in the south. 

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Special Interests:

Bird Watching

This small and exclusive haven comprises ten elegant tented suites with sweeping 360-degree views of the plains. The guest rooms at Namiri Plains have undergone a significant upgrade. Boasting a substantial increase in size, the newly built suites offer sliding doors which run the full length of the room and open out on a full-length viewing deck. The rooms are constructed from the natural calcrete from the area, they are strikingly beautiful but also plays an important role in regulating the temperature in the suites. The bathroom offers full views of the seasonal riverbed from your shower. Large, glass sliding doors give you access to the deck right from the shower. A private bathtub made entirely of resin is located on the deck, offering exceptional views from the tub as you relax.

  • Game drives
  • Bush walks
  • Secluded Serengeti location
  • Specially adapted photographic vehicle available