Ngaga Camp

Originally founded as a centre for primate research and a pilot gorilla tourism project, Ngaga Camp was the first camp to receive support from the Congo Conservation Company joining communities, science and tourism on the grounds of conservation. Located in the Ndzehi Forest on the western boundary of Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Ngaga Camp is surrounded by towering trees, dense marantaceae, dappled sunlight, the scent of fresh rain and delicate sounds of an equatorial African rainforest.

The camp is situated within the overlapping home ranges of several groups of western lowland gorillas, three of which are habituated. A team of permanent researchers and trackers from nearby communities work with the gorilla families on a daily basis. Guests of Odzala are led on expeditions by established guides and trackers into the Marantaceae forest in search of this critically endangered species. Treks entail 3-4 guests as well as a guide and a tracker from our treasured team of researchers in an untamed forest with the gorillas going about their usual activities (often seen in the trees).



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Special Interests:

Bird Watching

Following the Ebola outbreak in the early 2000s, the team is fastidious about the health of the gorilla families and this is why pre-arrival medical checks and medical masks are required to protect the gorillas against the airborne diseases to which they are very susceptible. With this in mind, Ngaga Camp has become one of Africa’s most important gorilla-tracking destinations offering an opportunity to engage with science and nature.

Ngaga Camp is home to our research team who have spent the last few decades in the forest navigating its trails and understanding its rhythms. Guests come here to share in their knowledge and experience this intact rainforest. Forest walks, night walks and more are available. Track western lowland gorillas respectfully with our research trackers and guides, observe gorillas’ behaviours and see them in context of their forest.


Six double chalets are found on stilts in the dense forest overlooking the Ndezhi Forest and are constructed from natural materials such as locally woven raffia palm panels. The dining room, lounge and bar area are raised and gaze into the rainforest. A star deck and fire pit are found on a deck below the main living area, perfect for pre-dinner drinks while watching the sun set over the forest.

Chalets are raised 3-4 meters above ground and boast a 360° wraparound walkway. Each room has an en-suite bathroom with hot shower and flush toilet, mosquito net, fans and South African power points with European and UK adapters, and environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos.