Sangha Lodge

A sense of intrepidness imbues the region at Sangha Lodge which is complemented by the sense of peace offered by the Sangha River. Rod and Tamar Cassidy, along with their son Alon, have created a place of such raw beauty and authenticity rooted in conservation, that venturing here is the privilege of a lifetime.


Wild Herd Congo
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Baby Forest Elephant
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Wild Herd Congo
Baby Forest Elephant

Special Interests:

Bird Watching

Sangha Lodge is at the central heart of the African continent in Dzanga Sangha. This is arguably one of Africa’s most remote destinations. Travellers are afforded the opportunity to discover wildlife as never having seen it before as well as to explore ancient forests of untamed majesty. Dzangha Baï is the main attraction where the elusive forest elephant congregate en-masse alongside bongo, red river hog, forest buffalo and giant forest hog.

Sangha Lodge supports crucial conservation efforts, including: pangolin research, wildlife rehabilitation, the reduction of poaching for the bushmeat trade, as well as socio-economic development. The eclectic group of savants found here are a fountain of knowledge and are keen to share it with their guests, along with their unbridled love for the region.


Seven chalets are set along the treeline of the Sangha River, with an eighth being constructed. Each bungalow offers a simple, comfortable stay with en-suite bathroom, mosquito net, environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos, fans and European power points, and a private deck overlooking the river or view of the forest. The dining room offers simple delicious fare and a well-stocked bar. A spacious deck overlooks the Sangha River and national park.

Spend time with the Ba’Aka tribe net hunting, walk through the Valley of Giants, explore hidden waterfalls and learn about the conservation projects. Bring a sense of adventure. With a jungle playground to explore and exceptional research programmes to learn from, this is a wanderer’s dream.