Usangu Expedition Camp

A unique location just waiting to be explored, Usangu is a must-visit for travellers seeking a hands-on insight into conservation. Guests at Usangu Expedition Camp will be some of the very first travellers to explore this landscape, aiding the ongoing research through activities such as setting camera traps and telemetry tracking alongside day and night game drives, walking and seasonal boating. For seasoned safari-goers this is a rare opportunity to be part of the story of an up and coming wildlife area. 

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Special Interests:

Star Gazing

Under the cool shade of the miombo woodland, each of the four guest tents of Usangu Expedition Camp enjoys views over the wet grasslands towards the permanent water source of the Ihefu Swamp. The large mesh panels of the tents allow for continued airflow, even when closed during the night time hours, keeping the bugs out but allowing in the cool air and night time noises of the surrounding bush. An additional shade awning helps to combat the mid-day heat. The wooden flooring and wrap around deck is comfortable under foot and provides a welcoming outdoor seating area from where to spot game or enjoy a good book in the afternoon. Each tent features an en suite bathroom with flushing toilet and bucket shower, with a large bed that can be made up as a double or a twin. 24 hour electricity is available within the room, and there are charging outlets to ensure camera batteries are prepped and ready for the adventures of the next day.


  • pioneer safari operation in a vast wilderness area 
  • game drives
  • bush walks
  • boat safaris
  • fly-camping
  • wildlife monitoring activities