Safari price ranges

When you start looking at safaris online, you will read about different types of safari that are defined by price. Budget or adventure safaris. Mid-range or classic safaris. Luxury safaris. What do these classifications mean? 

The first thing to know is that they are generalisations, and their significance can vary wildly from country to country and between different companies. They relate largely to the type of accommodation you choose on safari, and therefore the major cost component. You might mix all sorts of different grades of accommodation on a safari, there might only be one type available where and when you want to go. 

Here’s what to expect.

Budget Safaris

These probably have the most variation. This is the cheapest way to go on safari. It might be group departures, where you take a seat in a vehicle and drive all the way. Dome tent camps, public campsites and generally short itineraries with a night or two in each location. Budget safaris are a great way to see some incredible places and wildlife at more affordable prices. They do require close attention to make sure expectations are set correctly.

Mid-Range Safaris

More options come into play here. Larger safari lodges that are inside or right on the edge of national parks. As well as some larger tented camps. These will all have en-suite toilets, hot water and good food. They will also offer game drives and other activities like bush walks from the camp, and can be used as part of longer driving safaris. You might take a bush flight on a mid-range safari, from the Serengeti to Zanzibar for example.

Nyikani Camps offer a range of excellent tented camps in northern Tanzania. 

Luxury Safaris

Small and intimate camps. Luxury refers to the style and comfort of these camps but also extends to the quality of the service, food and guiding. Quite beyond what you might think possible in the African wilderness. These camps will often be in the very best locations deep inside national parks. You will fly in-between locations. These trips have price tags to match and most of our safaris would fall into this bracket. However we are interested in the very best safari concepts and offerings out there, as part of well built journeys, not luxury for luxury’s sake.

Ikuka Safari Camp in Ruaha National Park and Lamai Camp in the Serengeti are fabulous luxury camps. 

Our best of Tanzania, North and South itinerary visits luxury safari camps.

Privately Guided Safaris

These are uniquely crafted safaris designed and led by Paul Tickner. Paul specialises in larger group safaris, whether family or friends. Privately guided safaris are also perfect for special interests like wildlife photography or for expeditions into well off the beaten track areas. These safaris usually use luxury accommodation where available and will have an added degree of privacy and exclusivity to enable complete flexibility. 

Find out more about privately guided safaris here. 

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