The Booking Process

You have waded through the shark infested waters of the internet and made it to our front door. Or even better you took a short cut with your friends recommendation. You knock on the door, “I’d like a safari please?”

This is where the journey starts. Tell us what brought you here; What have you heard? What have you read? Where have you been before? What would you like to see, what do you want to avoid? What is your inspiration, your expectations, what do you want to accomplish? 

Then we need to know the fundamentals. Who is coming? When can you go? What is the budget? 

From there we will have enough to go away, roll our sleeves up and create a first draft safari for you. We handle all the logistics and bookings in country, from when you arrive to when you depart. I handle every stage personally, not delegating to a booking department. We do not offer off the shelf safaris, each one is different and as one of our best friends says: “there are no rules.” 

In the case of privately guided safaris, this process of discussion, creation and refinement can be especially rewarding. You can be as involved as you would like, give us specifics or let us surprise you (there will always be an element of this!). I will use my experience and contacts to build a totally unique and personalised safari, and then be there with you to guide it. 

We present a digital itinerary that we continue to chisel away at until you are completely happy. We hold the dates that work for you and a deposit secures the booking. Time to book your flights! (We help with this too). 

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