What Do You Eat on an African Safari?

You could be forgiven for not immediately thinking about what you might be eating when you start to plan your African safari. You are probably thinking about lions and elephants, which airport to fly into, and other experiences you can't wait to enjoy. Food, however, should never be an afterthought, and on safari, it can provide some truly memorable moments. 

Expectations might be low; after all, you’re in the middle of nowhere, miles from anywhere, but you will be amazed at what safari chefs can prepare. This can be done in a tent, on a gas stove, or right in front of you on the fire.

At one end of the scale, safari camps are equipped with fully fitted kitchens and highly trained staff. This makes expensive restaurants appear sluggish in comparison. 

Breakfast on Safari

There will be days when you'll be getting up and ready before dawn, but this is too early for breakfast. You'll be laser-focused on the game drive ahead of you. Luckily, for these early mornings, we prepare a  delicious box of breakfast for you to delve into with a picturesque view of the stunning African scenery ahead of you. Imagine warm egg and bacon rolls, homemade granola, local fresh fruit and steaming hot coffee as you watch one of the big five stroll across the landscape.

Lunch on Safari

Lunch back at camp is a more lightweight affair. You'll be served fresh salads and refreshing drinks. There’s something special about eating every meal outside; it's a real sensory experience. Every camp and every safari does things slightly differently, but one thing that never changes is siesta time, right after lunch!



Dinner on Safari

If you have any space left at all after nibbles at sundowners, it’s time for dinner. The quantity of food is never an issue on safari. In fact, we often joke that we will be rolling you out of camp when it’s time to leave! A drink at the bar before dinner to share stories of what you’ve seen throughout the day is a must. Dinners are often communal affairs, but private dinners are easily arranged should you wish. 

You will find a largely Western cuisine with many familiar favorites on the menus. We will ask you about your dietary needs before you leave. This way, we can make sure the camps are prepared for all diets and allergies. Menus have undergone somewhat of an overhaul in recent years, evolving from starch-heavy buffets to build-your-own pizza. Local dishes and flavors are increasingly popular. This is a great experience when visiting a new country.

Here are my top 5 safari culinary highlights:

  • A sausage and egg roll with plenty of brown sauce, somewhere along the banks of the Ruaha River
  • Toast cooked over an open fire, in the morning at fly camp, with some homemade jam
  • Three-course a la carte feast outside the wine cellar next to the Zambezi
  • A big kachumbari salad
  • Zanzibar coconut curry, barefoot in the sand, looking out to sea 

Get in touch with us here at Kusini Safaris and we will help you curate your perfect African safari, and ensure that your taste buds are also tingling at the end of your trip.


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