What is a privately guided safari?

On a privately guided safari you will have your own guide for the entire journey, start to finish. Your private guide will be there to meet you off the plane when you arrive in country, be with you from camp to camp and then back to airport on your way home. Your guide will have designed and planned your safari so they will know the logistics of your trip back to front. They will help you through the airport, make sure you get everything you need in town and take you out for dinner if you’ve got any energy left after a long flight! Of course this is especially valuable for family groups or larger groups of friends. On our set date trips, your private guide coordinates the group. 

The value of private guide really kicks in when you leave town and begin your safari proper. Can we take our cameras on the bush plane? How hot will it be when we get there? Will we get there in time for lunch? Your guide is there to make sure no one is left behind and answer all these questions. A privately guided safari is exactly that so we use private vehicles, instead of sharing with other guests. We work with local camp guides, who are often selected by your private guide. A private guide is the crucial link between you and the camp guides and staff, making sure that everyone in the group gets what they need and are encouraged to participate. In addition to private vehicles and activities like bush walks, privately guided safaris often use private camps. These can be separate smaller sister camps, mobile canvas camps or if the group is large enough, you might book out a camp entirely. So you will have camp all to yourselves. Complete exclusivity and flexibility. Some of the children want to hang out by the pool? Adults want to go out on the river? Everyone else wants to go back and look for those lions? We’ll all meet up for a sundowner afterwards, it’s no problem on a privately guided safari.

Privately guided safaris tend to use the guide’s favourite places and camps. They will use their little black books to make sure you have a safari experience that is tailored just for you. An experience you just cannot get otherwise. Want something really special for that special person? Looking for a genuine and sensitive cultural experience? Want to spend all week looking for that elusive photo? A privately guided safari can make it happen for you. 


Talk to us know about your privately guided safari. 

More information about privately guided safaris including itineraries for 2021.


Don’t take our word for it:


"Nothing can compare to having Paul with you on your journey. He planned our trips, but had he not been with us each step, we would have missed so much. He is as knowledgeable as your guide and anticipates your needs. BEYOND EXPECTATIONS."


"A 2 week, 4 camp photographic safari. Paul did a great job in creating, organizing, and guiding our safari. He dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. No detail was left unnoticed. Our sixth safari to Africa and Paul was the best."

Paul T (not me!):

"Paul expertly managed a crew of 12 ppl across two amazing reserves over 10 days - not one problem! Paul is an outgoing, professional, and laid back tour organizer and guide. I've never been on a group tour (and this one was all family) with less stress, fewer issues, or better organization and follow-through on all tasks. Paul knows Africa and knows how to convey it to his charges during the time he has with you. 6 stars if I could give it. (Thanks for the great memories and once in a lifetime vacation Paul!!!)"


"Totally Amazing and Fun Holiday, Thanks to Paul! Paul's assistance was invaluable in planning what turned out to be a perfect safari and beach vacation in Tanzania. He looked after all the details, and the result was a seamless, worry-free, fun and perfect holiday. Our Tanzanian safari and beach vacation vastly surpassed our expectations, and much of the credit for that, belongs to Paul. Minute by minute (literally) we saw animals and birds that were gorgeous, stunning, surprising and beautiful. We never had to travel any distance to see the next animal or bird. We saw 40 different mammal species, more than 110 bird species (and still counting), lizards and butterflies (haven't had a moment to count these yet). We haven't stopped talking about our Tanzanian adventure since we returned home. We went to Ras Kutani, Ngare Sero, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Ndutu, Serengeti and Pemba Island. Paul arranged everything on EXTREMELY short notice, and never seemed to break a sweat doing it. He was a fun and charming companion, even if we insisted on utilizing every possible minute to view more and more animals and birds! Paul's knowledge about the many animals and birds we saw, was the perfect addition to our holiday. Thank you Paul for an unforgettable holiday! Words cannot do justice to describe the fun we had."

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