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Safari Packing List


When you are out in the wilderness bumping around in a 4x4 or tramping through the bush you will need old neutral coloured clothing. Make sure it’s loose and comfortable and no loud colours that will scare off the animals. Generally try and resist buying any special new outdoor clothing.

  • Obviously it’s going to be hot but depending on the time of year, it can get pretty chilly in the evenings and mornings so bring a sweater or fleece (especially June- August). In the wet season you will need a waterproof (Nov-April).
  • Shorts are fine during the day but you will need something to cover your ankles against mosquitoes in the evenings.
  • Ladies need to remember that in towns and villages especially by the coast it is respectful to cover up shoulders and knees.
  • A good sun hat is absolutely essential as are a pair of comfortable, strong lightweight shoes.
  • Flip flops are great around camp and don’t forget your swimming stuff. Open sandals or reef shoes are really handy at the beach.

Odds & sods

  • Malaria prophylaxis
  • Small medical pack; including painkillers, cyprofloaxin, antihistamine and re-hydration salts.
  • Sun cream factor 30+
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone + charger
  • Insurance details
  • Important phone numbers, written down
  • Visa (should be in your passport)
  • Any tickets and vouchers
  • Camera + good bag + charger
  • Bank cards (check they will work)
  • Cash (USD, get some Tz shillings at the airport or hotel)
  • Insect repellent Binoculars
  • A good book and field guides
  • Small day bag
  • Personal medication

Where possible try to pack with soft bags as these are easier to fit on planes and 4x4s. Remember that the weight limit on domestic small planes in Tanzania is 15kg + hand luggage.

For special activities like diving or climbing please contact us.

Stay up to date with the latest Tanzania travel information form the UK government foreign office here and the latest health information for Tanzania from the NHS here.