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Community & Conservation

Kusini Safaris is rooted in the principle that safaris can empower local communities and contribute to conservation efforts. We make sure that all our partners have similar ethics, sound environmental credentials and genuine community and conservation commitments. Please ask us if you want to know more about the local projects we work with and the dynamics of conservation where you’re going. 

Embarking on a community and conservation-style trip is both a unique and rewarding to explore all the wonders Africa has to offer while also making a real positive impact. This style of trip still covers and showcases all of the incredible wildlife and landscapes that Africa has to offer while supporting and engaging with local communities and conservation efforts. 

Specifically, community safaris offer a sustainable form of tourism that allows insight into the lives, cultures and traditions of local people, respectfully. 

Being home to some unique, incredible and threatened wildlife species, conservation efforts aim to protect these precious animals and their natural habitats. By embarking on a conservation safari, you can encourage, promote and contribute towards these efforts in an immersive and authentic way. 

In special circumstances on our privately guided safaris we can make project work a feature of your safari, visiting and learning about the work going on. For added impact, we can also advise on philanthropic contributions through the Kusini Fund.

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