10 things I've learnt doing safaris

Safaris are a magical experience that everyone should do once in their lifetime. Your senses are heightened with new smells, exotic sounds and the sight of animals that you have never seen before. From walking, driving, or paddling through the bush to sleeping under the African night sky and waking up with a nosy buffalo in your tent, I've learned a lot of things that have helped me create unforgettable memories for all Kusini Safari guests, as well as skills that I've applied in my daily life.

1. Every Safari is Different.  

That’s because the people going are different. The rains are different, the guides are different, and the budget is different. A safari is a combination of all these elements, not a standardised package. Forcing a square peg into a round hole might give you an ok safari, but not an unforgettable one.

2. Less is Always More.

A safari is a once in a lifetime trip, and you want to make sure you see as much as you can without getting FOMO. But spending all day, every day in a truck, bumping around on dusty roads and ticking off destinations just so you can say you’ve been there and seen it, is not fun. Take time in picking the right places, slow down and take the time to enjoy everything it has to offer. 

3. Safari is a Sharing Platter.

When you see your first lion, you want your friends and family there with you. You want to sit around the fire at night and create these memories with the people who can appreciate it in the same way you do.

4. Go the Extra Mile. 

This can relate to safari design and being on safari. Have you always wanted to get to that real remote location, but were put off by the logistics? Want to experience the culture but not sure how? Want to understand more about local conservation? These things are not easy to incorporate into a safari, but they are incredibly rewarding.

5. Seek the Path Less Travelled.

It’s easily done, and anyone can follow the herd. But a safari is a journey into wild places, full of magical animals and people, so going to places you’ve never heard of or finding your own lion family is a feeling like no other. When there’s no one else around for miles and miles and it’s just you and the African wildlife is where the real enchantment happens.

6. A Little Goes a Long Way. 

There are so many tips and tricks which help with getting the best out of your safari, but my main ones are simple. Take time to learn a little Swahili. Don’t buy a bunch of new clothes. Don’t check your emails. Don’t chase too many sightings. Just slow down and enjoy it. 

7. A Key Skill.

This blog not only features choice maxims but also indispensable technical advice, such as, master the power nap!

8. Enjoy the Small Things.

‘The sun rises and sets every day, your job is to be there.’ I can’t remember where I first heard this, cheesy for sure but I’ve used it from when I first started guiding until now. Readymade bookends for the day and the most special moments. 

9. Doughnut safaris. 

Safaris must benefit local people. They have to work for the environment, the climate, the staff, the wildlife, and the economy. These factors, constantly interlinking, form a ring around you and your safari, the jam (or custard) in the middle.

10. Elephants never get old.

 Well, they do, but not for me. As much as I love all the wonderful critters you can encounter on a safari, elephants will always be my favourite. There is no feeling to match being in their presence. 

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