Private Vehicles on Safari

In addition to being tailor made for you, all our trips at Kusini Safaris are booked privately. That is to say that you will not be joining as part of a group or a set date departure. Just how private or exclusive your safari is from there can also be adapted as you like. More exclusivity isn’t always better, but we do recommend it for larger groups, families, certain destinations and styles of safari, specialist safaris and for folks who have been on safari many times.

One major element of any safari is of course the game drives. Private game drive vehicles are increasingly available at many of the camps we work with, as opposed to the traditional set up of camp based safaris where guests share game drives. This is a great option if you want to be able come and go as you like, stay longer at sightings and generally focus on what you want. Shared game drives are absolutely fine for a lot of people, many great friends are made, but it sometimes requires a lot of skill on the part of the guides and camp staff to balance everyones’ needs and expectations. A private vehicle is the answer if you want to avoid any of this. Perfect for wildlife photographers, birders, people who have seen lions already, families and so on. Booking a private vehicle in most cases will also mean that any other activities available such as boat safaris, bush walks or fly-camping, will also be private. You will still be able to interact (or not) with other guests at the bar or at dinner. 

If you book a multi destination safari travelling by road, you can expect a private vehicle as standard on our safaris. For example through the northern circuit of Tanzania; Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. Commonly you will find other guests at the camps you stay in. 

On our privately guided safaris, we always use private vehicles to ensure absolute flexibility. We make our own schedule, our own plans and avoid other people. A huge difference to regular safaris. We will also make use of private camps, where we book out entire properties or mobile outfits for our exclusive use. This is a really special dynamic for families and groups. Staff cater for you only and multiple activities can happen at the same time. We will also make use of private charter flights to suit your program and make otherwise impossible routes happen. 


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