A Safari Christmas List

It’s that time of year again and we have some safari inspired gift ideas for your loved ones.

Whether you’re going on safari next year, just come back, or a regular explorer, there’s something for you in our Christmas present list. 

Some Light Reading

If you need a good book to take on safari or need some good Africa reading to get you through the northern winters, try these:

  • Another Day Of Life, Ryszard Kapuściński.
  • By The Sea, Abdulrazak Gurnah.

And some coffee table goodness:

  • The Selous in Africa, Robert J Ross. Africa Adorned, Angela Fisher.

Safari Apps

For the more digitally inclined there are now some excellent phone apps that are super handy on safari and for anytime reference.

  • Roberts Bird Guide, essential for the bird nerds, all the bird calls and added information from the larger hardback volume.
  • The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals.
  • The iNaturalist App is free and you can find projects and observations from Africa and probably near where you are, including all the new critters they are finding at Usangu Safari Camp.

The Practical Gift

Binoculars - an absolute safari essential! Not just for birders, they're great for catching the big five and all the other incredible African wildlife. Don’t be afraid to spend some money, it’s all about the glass. Get the lowdown here with our guide to buying binoculars for going on safari.

Unique Gifting

While you're out on safari you can buy all sorts of lovely handcrafts, textiles and fabrics. Usually too many to fit in your bag for the way home. But fear not, now you can buy Neema Crafts goodies in the UK and USA. 

A Christmas safari!

Why not get away from it all and spend Christmas and New Year on safari with your friends and family. Now is the time to start planning. Our private safari tours can be completely tailored to whatever you desire so that you can really take a trip of a lifetime. Contact us today to kickstart your planning.

Donate Today

Christmas is a time for giving so if you want to make a real impact for people and wildlife in Africa, talk to us about a gift to the Kusini Fund. The Kusini Fund supports our core projects in Tanzania and across Africa, find out more here. 

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