Herding the Cats

Being the leader is a thankless task. No one wants to put themselves out there in case they get it wrong. Going on safari is a magical experience, one you should share with family and friends. All well and good. But maybe the realities of coordinating these folks, Cousin Tom and his very particular diet, Dick and Harry from down the street and their endless check list of places to see, is putting you off altogether. 

That’s where we come in. We can take a seemingly unsalvageable list of dreams, logistics and requirements and turn them into a fantastic safari. You’ve already done the hardest bit, which is identifying your group. We’ll do the rest. Whether you want to take the tour leader role and deal with us directly, or if you prefer to let us contact and organise everyone, be as involved or not in the planning stages as you like. 

We will make sure that everyone has a say in the design of the safari, and make sure you understand why we are making the recommendations we do. We will never give you a pre-packaged itinerary, each adventure is unique and designed around you and your group. 

In the run up to the safari we will field all the questions about malaria pills, what boots to bring and what airport to fly into. We can even help with international flights. It’s no problem at all if everyone arrives at different times and someone wants to add a week on Zanzibar. 

The beauty of a privately guided safari is that we have the flexibility to cater for everyone. Three generations on safari? The kids can dig for water in the river, the twitchers can take their binoculars and granddad can join us later for a sundowner. We only work with camps and guides who can thrive in these conditions. 

Find your safari group and we will herd the cats.

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