Making the Most Out of your African Safari Adventure

You may be wondering how to make the most out of your safari vacation – how many activities should you do, what’s too little or too much? 

Well, when it comes to ensuring your luxury safari vacation is the best it can be, less is always more. You want to be able to really take in the sights and enjoy your environment before moving onto the next activity. 

When looking for the best African safari tours, you’ll find an overwhelming choice of locations, trips and excursions. Deciding where to go, which national parks to visit, and what camps to stay at can become quite overwhelming! 

Here at Kusini Safaris we do the organising for you, simply tell us your interests and requirements, and we’ll put together a tailor-made safari unique to you.  

Organising a Luxury Safari Holiday

With a comfortable budget and a good window of holiday time, it can become tempting to start ticking off your bucket list of dream locations. However, for the best possible safari adventure you should aim to visit no more than three places in one vacation. 

A luxury safari tour is about embracing different cultures, experiences and environments, enjoying fabulous services, meeting wonderful people, and staying at prestigious safari camps. You can’t do much of this if you are bumping along hot dusty roads for days on end!

At Kusini Safaris we recommend spending your money on fewer, more meaningful experiences (plus you can often benefit from longer stay discounts). 

The rewards of soaking up everything that Ruaha, The Selous, or The Serengeti has to offer will far outweigh the shallow prize of having taken a picture at every single park gate in the country!

How to Decide What to Include on your Safari Vacation

Remember to ask yourself why you want to go to a particular location, what you want to see, and whether the location will add value to your overall safari experience.

If you really want to go to three different countries, eight national parks and 5 islands, we won’t refuse! But there are good reasons why we tend to group specific safari tours together. 

North Tanzania Safari Adventures

In North Tanzania, game drives and road safaris to multiple locations make a lot of sense. The distances are relatively short, the parks are relatively small, and the roads are in good condition. 

South Tanzania Safari Adventures

On the other hand, South Tanzania is much better done by air. Distances are vast, and the land is dense in nature – driving would take far too long!

Book your next safari adventure

Most people will only be lucky enough to go on safari tour once in their lifetime – though we definitely recommend going on as many as possible!

With there being so much to see, a lot of holiday-makers experience “FOMO” (fear of missing out as one guest recently pointed out). However, when it comes to deciding how many places to go on your safari adventure, less really is more.

Get in touch with Kusini Safaris today and book your dream vacation.

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