Tanzania, north vs south?

The Serengeti, Zanzibar and Mount Kilimanjaro are probably more famous than Tanzania itself. 

It’s no surprise that most of Tanzania’s visitors are either going on safari looking for the migration in the Serengeti National Park, enjoying Zanzibar’s white sand and azure ocean, or climbing Kilimanjaro. 

These places have achieved mythical status all over the world and practically market themselves. They are all fabulous in their own right and I like to see them as a gateway drug to the rest of Tanzania.

The Northern Circuit is the most popular Tanzania safari tour and can be done in all sorts of ways. 

Unmissable Northern Circuit Safari Stops

  • Tarangire – For incredible sightings of the big five. Tarangire has the largest population of elephants, so you’ll be sure to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat!
  • Ngorongoro Crater – The Ngorongoro Crater has some jaw-dropping scenery. It’s an ideal location for wildlife and safari photography.
  • The Serengeti National Park – It’s the Serengeti, need I say more!

As luck would have it, these are all conveniently placed to be very doable by car or by plane to get right up to the north of the Serengeti at the right time of year.

Additional Safari Trips 

With Kusini Safaris, finding incredible wildlife and breath-taking landscapes is guaranteed. 

If you want to mix it up and sprinkle a little more magic onto an already incredible Tanzania safari tour, then why not add one (or more) of these adventures onto your trip:

  • Lake Natron – This place is paradise for bird watchers! The flamingos definitely steal the show, take a trip to see for yourself.
  • Chem Chem – Indulge in total luxury and visit Chem Chem for a private safari tour.
  • Wayo’s Lake Green Camp – Fancy some lightweight canvas camping? Visit Manyara Green Camp and experience traditional safari camping.

The Southern Circuit

For those seeking a route less well-trodden, then you might look towards the great wilderness of Southern Tanzania. 

The Southern Circuit usually consists of the Selous and Ruaha, and very often a beach component as you finish on the coast in Dar es Salaam for your international flight home. Here you will find that real wild feeling, there are only a handful of visitors each year, the luxury camps are small and intimate, surrounded by vast protected areas.

The Selous is lakes, rivers, boat safaris, hippos, leadwood trees, and northern carmine bee-eaters. It’s green and immensely dense in wildlife. Contrasting wonderfully with the dry, rugged rocks, impressive baobab trees and lions of the Ruaha. 

Experience the Northern and Southern Circuit with Kusini Safaris

Thanks to some excellent connecting bush flights, you can get to Northern and Southern Tanzania in one safari! 

You can have breakfast in the Serengeti and be in Ruaha in time for lunch. No need to miss out. Take a look at our Tanzania North and South Safari for more details. If you’re interested in more exotic combinations then check out The Serengeti and Chimpanzees tour, or the Western Tanzania Safari if you’re really trying to escape modern-day reality for a while!

Contact Kusini Safaris today and book your luxury safari in Tanzania.

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