To WiFi or not to WiFi - African Safari Amenities

Bush Wifi

Will I get WiFi while I'm out on safari? Remaining connected to the internet has become just as common a question as ‘will we see a lion?’ or ‘can we eat the salad?’ As phones and Wifi become ever more ubiquitous and we become ever more dependant on them in our day to day lives, just how much WiFi you need on safari is a pertinent question.

The easiest approach and answer is not to expect WiFi while you're out on safari. Remember that many of the places you will be going are very remote, and internet access will be unreliable, patchy and slow, that's if you can get it at all. If you're worried about connecting to the internet, buying a local sim card is always an option to reduce your reliance on Wifi and will allow you to still make calls. You can also switch on your roaming, but always contact your carrier to check for any additional fees. Signal in remote parts of Africa can often be better than in the West - but again, don’t count on it, national parks are vast so connectivity isn't guaranteed.

Moreover, think about why you’re going on safari. Are you going to check the news, your email and scroll through your social media every couple of hours? Or are you going to escape your daily routines and immerse yourself in the incredible cultures, local communities, wildlife and landscapes that Africa has to offer? Take the time to really relax, switch off, disconnect and slow down. Trust the people looking after you. Absorb the ambience, watch the sunrise, smell the rain, feel the sound of an elephants feet as it walks past you. There are so many incredible opportunities out on game reserves, so share the experience with your friends and family. Let your worries of being constantly connected to the Wi Fi network be a thing of the past. Take a siesta in the Serengeti, spot a topi in Tanzania and just relax.

Make sure to let your friends and family know the situation before you go. Safari camps have emergency internet in the office and Sat Phones and we are watching you all the way. But if you have to be in contact for business, or family, make sure to let us know while we are building your safari tour so we can accommodate your needs. Lots of camps these days do have WiFi, in the main area or in your room. Others intentionally do not. If you're worried about having access to the internet while you're out on safari, or you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.  

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