Why are African Safari Adventures Expensive?

If you’re planning on taking a luxury vacation, why not consider a tailor-made safari tour with Kusini Safaris?

Going on a safari adventure may cost a pretty penny but trust us it’s worth it! You’ll be travelling across the globe, spending your days within touching distance of the “big 5”, and your nights resting in a private luxury safari camp. 

Kusini Safaris specialise in luxury safari tours through Tanzania. If you’re in the US this means two long haul flights, which comes at a cost but luckily that doesn’t seem to put you off!

The Expenses of Luxury Accommodation

A lot of the places you visit on a safari adventure tend to be very remote. Running a luxury resort in a rural area has its challenges. 

Hoteliers need to keep the site in pristine condition, they also have to source their own fuel, power and clean water supplies. Not to mention sourcing all the assets needed to provide a luxury safari experience.

Then comes the cost of employing top-quality staff, importing the finest wines and soft furnishings from around the world, and acquiring all of the correct licenses. It’s pretty amazing what these luxury safari camps do considering where they are!

How to Save on your Luxury Safari Tour

You might have heard that your means of travel while on safari makes a big difference to the overall costs. There will always be a small difference between the cost of flying and driving. However, if it takes more than a few hours we recommend flying. 

Saving time is well worth the money. A hundred bucks isn’t worth enduring 10 long hours on the road. 

Have you been worrying about the extra costs like transfers, meals and drinks? You don’t need to when you book a safari adventure with Kusini Safaris. Our luxury safari holidays are all-inclusive, so the only thing you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation!

It’s vital that you get a visa before you leave for your safari tour. They’re a vital part of your vacation and luckily, they don’t cost much.

Safari Vacation Tips 

Don’t worry about buying brand-new safari clothes, this is one area where you can definitely save money! Instead, opt for putting the cash towards spending money so you can go on incredible excursions, or buy your bodyweight in souvenirs. 

Credit cards have officially made it to most African safari tours, just remember to bring some cash for tipping.

Book Your Safari Adventure

Are you ready to explore Tanzania? Get in touch with Kusini Safaris and book your luxury vacation today!

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