Multi-Country Safaris

The Serengeti, Victoria Falls, and Cape Town. The Great Migration, gorilla trekking, and wild dogs in the Okavango. These are just some of the famous names and experiences that might be on your safari bucket list. 

Africa is Big...Really Big

One of the most common obstacles I face when I'm helping guests plan safaris, is time restrictions when trying to tick off bucket list items. Africa is much larger than many people realise. Its people, wildlife and landscapes are unimaginably diverse and the above-mentioned places are very far apart. Travelling in between them can be much more tricky and arduous than we might like in an ideal world. 

Less is More on Vacation

I will always tell you that less is more when it comes to your safari. I recommend visiting fewer places, taking some time to relax, switch off, slow down and smell the flowers. I know, it can often feel like there’s so much to see and so little time! It might be a once in a lifetime trip and you want to squeeze every last drop out of it. So I’m not going to talk you out of a multi-country safari, of course, they can be incredible and you can experience some more of the diversity and wonder that Africa has to offer... But you’ll need some good foundations to get started. 

How Long is your Safari?

Time is something that is really important to consider when planning a multi-country safari. If you have a week or ten days - stick to one country. To really enjoy and get the most out of visiting multiple countries within Africa, you will need at least 2 weeks. 3 weeks is even better if you want to be hopping borders and really appreciating where you are along the way. 

What's Your Budget?

Budget is another consideration. When it comes to travelling across multiple countries, you can expect the cost to start creeping up. Some popular destinations for multi-country safaris include Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. The cost implications of a multi-country safari can include transportation expenses between countries, visa fees, park entry fees, and the cost of hiring experienced guides and safari vehicles. This isn't to say that a multi-country safari isn't worth it - but it's worth understanding the implications of doing so. 



What are your Non-negotiables.? 

Do you really need to go to multiple countries? Is it worth the time and energy spent travelling? Maybe there is somewhere in Tanzania or Zambia you have never heard of that makes the perfect contrast and accompaniment to the Serengeti or South Luangwa. Perhaps you can tick those bucket list items off and visit some 'off-the-beaten track' destinations to experience more diversity. 

Make sure the reasoning is sound. If wildebeest river crossings and gorillas are non-negotiable, then you are without a doubt going to need to visit two countries, Tanzania and Uganda, for example. 

Begin to build your trip around your highlights and non-negotiable items to make it easy. If Victoria Falls is your top destination, then planning a safari in Zimbabwe, Zambia or Botswana is your answer but not East Africa. 

Designing Your Safari

Designing your safari is part of the journey, and we like to engage with you as much as possible in the process to learn more about your likes and dislikes and how to best fulfil and exceed your expectations. If you would rather let us do all the legwork, that’s absolutely fine, but having to deal with a bunch of different countries might be a hassle you can do without. Refine and distil. Once we know where you’re going, we can get to the just as important meat of the safari, who is coming, what style, which camp etc. 

Let's Talk

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