The Safari Jargon Buster

Some of these current safari words get bounded about so much as to be thoroughly confusing and quite meaningless. Here we unpack them according to what we think they should mean. 

Safari. A Kiswahili word which means journey or trip. Msafiri is a traveler. The word began to be associated with Westerners travelling to Kenya and Tanzania to hunt and observe wild game in the early 20th Century. 

Privately Guided Safari. This is a safari that is designed and hosted by a safari guide. It will be unique to you and your group. Using private vehicles, exclusive camps and the guides knowledge and experience to enjoy a level of flexibly and experience that goes well beyond a typical safari. 

Tailor Made. A safari that is built just for you. The safari should be based around your wishes, your group dynamics and your previous experience. Married to the skill of the safari designer. It should not be whatever is easiest and most lucrative for them. 

All Inclusive. You don’t need to pay for anything on your safari. Except for tipping and any extra activities, like a balloon safari or a spa treatment. All transfers, park fees, food, drinks and so on are included. This is how we prefer to travel. 

Private Vehicles. This is an important distinction when it comes to the main event on safari - game drives. Often they will often be shared if you are 1, 2 or even 4 people. Depending on how busy the camp is. A private game drive vehicle is exclusive to you, alongside the guide of course. Private vehicles are now as standard with many of the camps we work with and are included on our privately guided safaris. Complete flexibility to spend as much time as you like waiting for that leopard cub, staying out all day or stopping a bit early for that sundowner. 

Charter Flights. We encourage you to fly in-between destinations to save time and comfort. If a schedule is not available at the right times or places, or you want to go quicker, in privacy and more comfort we can book special charter flights using an array of aircraft. 

Impact Safari. At Kusini Safaris our founding and driving concept is that a safari done properly should drive a positive influence upon the people and landscape in which it happens. So we work with companies who look after their staff properly, respect their local environment and advocate for the longevity of the landscape. In that sense every safari should be making a positive impact. We also contribute to small local conservation and community projects in the places we love. A privately guided safari can take you on a deeper dive into the dynamics of the safari business, conservation efforts and the local community. 

High and Low Season. These days you might encounter peak season, shoulder season, green season, all manor of marketing seasons. You will pay top price in the summer holidays and at Christmas. This is when everyone wants to go on safari and also coincides with the dry season which is great for game viewing. Going at any other time of year will give you lower prices and less people. 

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