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Kenya Pillar Page

Explore the unmatched beauty of a safari in Kenya and embark on an adventure into the wild.

Rwanda Pillar Page

Despite its modest size, Rwanda is a major mountain gorilla breeding site. Seeing these great apes up close whilst on an African safari offers a remarkable experience.

Uganda Pillar Page

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Kusini Safaris in Uganda, the 'Pearl of Africa.' Explore its wildlife, landscapes, and culture. Discover the best safari seasons and unique adventures. Trust Kusini Safaris for an unforgettable experience

Why are African Safari Adventures Expensive?

Going on safari is expensive. Even if you go on a lot of holidays, or even if you do your safari on a tight budget, going on safari is likely to be one of the more expensive adventures you ever take. This is for a number of reasons, not least because places to go on safari, like Tanzania, are probably far away from you. If you’re in the US for example, you’re talking at least two long haul flights to get there and that of course comes at a cost (luckily that doesn’t seem to put many of you off, and to be fair you are far from everywhere!).

Fly Camping, what is it and why should you do it?

Occasionally when you’re trying to organise a safari, someone might ask you whether you want to go to fly-camping. That person, probably hopelessly obsessed with safaris, will likely be very enthusiastic about the whole idea.

Top 5 safari prep questions I get asked all the time

Do we need to get any vaccinations? Do we need travel insurance? Do we really need to bring warm clothes? And more!

In Teleki’s Footsteps, A Walk Across East Africa

I’ve been meaning to write a short book review for a while as a means of sourcing new Africana book recommendations from the wonderful people who might read this. Hopefully you might also be inspired to read the book. I thought I would start with a suitably obscure one that most folks have probably never come across. Don’t worry though, I have seen some ancient copies floating around on the interwebs. No you can’t have my copy (I might consider a swapsies).

A Note on Ebola

Last year there was an outbreak of Ebola in the north east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This wasn’t a big story at the time and slipped largely into the steady stream of stories of violence, destruction and disease routinely written about Africa.

Taking your camera on the plane?

A question that often comes up when you get started packing for your safari is what to do with your camera?

Tanzania bans plastic bags

In a welcome move to combat the plague of plastic bags that has blighted the environment in cities, towns and villages across Tanzania in recent years, the government has banned all plastic bags.

Conversations In Conservation (3)

Southern Tanzania is a little bit off the map when it comes to the conservation funding path. Despite it being home to one of the last great wilderness areas and elephant populations on the planet.

2018 Photography Competition Finalists

The honours list was pretty good, but here we have the cream of the crop from last year's safaris. Some really fabulous photos from all corners of Tanzania.

Sand Rivers

Sand Rivers is situated in the northern part of the Selous Game Reserve (now known as Nyerere National Park) which is one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the world.

Kiba Point

Kiba point is a totally exclusive little retreat in the heart of one of the most game-rich areas in the Selous.

Ikuka Safari Camp

Ikuka Safari Camp opened in Ruaha National Park in July 2016, the camp has a spectacular location atop the Mwagusi Escarpment in southern Tanzania, it is also owner run and managed.

Kichaka Expeditions

With a combination of luxurious "glamping" as well as authentic genuine "camping" experiences, Kichaka's hosts and guides will take you on probably one of the most intimate and exclusive walking adventures still available on the African continent.


One of the things that makes this place is that you can walk straight out of camp and into wild Africa. You also have the freedom to explore in open cars both during the day and under the night sky.

Chem Chem

Nowhere does Chem Chem Lodge impose, but rather blends in with the unfenced wilderness that stretches on all sides. The permanent structure of Chem Chem’s main Lodge reflects the form of a flamingo with its wings spread wide for landing.


Entamanu Ngorongoro is perched high on the wild side of the Ngorongoro Crater rim, a thoughtfully designed refuge in this elemental place, from which to explore the unique highland environment in which it sits.